March Pack Meeting–AOL Graduation Hike, March 20, 2021

This month we graduate our awesome Arrow of Light den to Scouts, BSA. This year is an especially significant crossover, as the Arrow of Light den will comprise the majority of the brand new Troop 9207.

Due to the current environment, we’re going to modify our usual crossover ceremony and instead conduct it as a graduation hike. AOLs will meet first, and, after a brief patch ceremony, complete the hike. The remainder of the pack will arrive a little later and observe the AOL den as they complete the hike and cross over into Scouts, BSA, then hike themselves. We’ll have hotdogs and cupcakes available upon completion of the hike.

Location: Tenino City Park

Date/Time: March 20, 2021. AOL den and volunteers show at 1000. All others show at 1045. Ceremony is at 1055.

Uniform: Class A for AOL Den and Ceremony Participants. Class B (Scouting T-shirt) for all others.

Due to lessening of restrictions, we are not staggering start times for this event. Please sign-up by Thursday, March 18 so that we have a good idea how many are coming.

Sign-up for the pack meeting here