Blue and Gold Scavenger Hunt! February 20, 2021

Did you know that BSA was founded in February, 1910? Cub Scouts all over America celebrate BSA’s birthday with an annual February tradition known as the Blue and Gold Banquet. Since we’re not able to gather together in our traditional way this year, Pack 9207 is instead celebrating BSA’s 111th birthday by exploring some of our wonderful local parks in the outdoor spirit of Scouting!

Our Blue and Gold Scavenger Hunt is February 20, 2021 starting at 10:00 AM. Each family signs up for a starting time at the link below. Report to the American Legion Post 94 at your assigned time to receive your awards for the month (including Pinewood Derby Trophies!) and your scavenger hunt bingo card. Each square on the bingo cards has the name of a local park and a clue for what to look for at the park. Families drive to selected parks to complete the clues. Complete three squares in a row on the card (up, down, or diagonal) for bingo! Looking for an extra challenge? Complete five squares for an X or +. Return completed cards to the American Legion Post 94 once complete.

This activity requires a vehicle to get from park to park. All of the parks are within the greater Lacey/Olympia area. The clues are relatively easy to find (usually a word or phrase from a sign) and are close to the park entrance or trailhead. Minimum requirement for participation is to visit one park on the card. This event is not a competition and we will not be keeping time to encourage safe driving practices. Some parks require a Discover Pass–it’s best to get one if you don’t already have it, but you can still participate without a Discover Pass. Some Scouts will complete rank requirements as part of this event. Don’t forget to hike at least one mile in any of the parks to complete your center square!

COVID precautions: This is an outside, physically distanced event. You will only need to come into contact with others when you report in to pick up and return your bingo cards. Please ensure all non-exempt participants wear a mask when coming within six feet of others outside your household (including check-in/out).

Sign up here:

See you there!